ECO R290 2.4kw Air Source All In One Heat Pump water Heater A++ 300L

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R290 ECO All In One Heat Pump A++ 300L Air Source Heating System

Among all the scenarios analyzed, the use of SUNRAIN heat pumps with air sources offered the greatest benefits to air quality, health, and carbon reductions.

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R290 ECO All In One Heat Pump A++ 300L Air Source Heating System

Energy Efficient Class A++
Tank Capacity(L) 300
Tapping Cycle XL
Net Weight (lbs.) 102

While heat pumps have a large upfront cost, you end up saving a lot of money on energy bills. In fact, over the entire life of your heat pump, you could be saving thousands of dollars.



SUNRAIN heat pumps are part of the future of heating in our homes, especially in the push towards net-zero, and as our heating systems change we will likely see a rapid increase in the heat pump.



Model YT-300TB2
Power Supply 220~240V/1/50Hz
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 2.2
Refrigerant R290
Tapping Cycle XL
Energy Efficient Class A++
Energy Efficient ηwh(%) 168.7
**COP (EN16147) 3.81
Tank Capacity (L) 300
Air Flow(m3/h) 450
Air Discharge Vertical
Air Duct Diameter(mm) φ150
Back-up Heater(kW) 2
Default Water Temperature(℃) 55
Working Temperature Range (℃) -7-43
Unpacked Dimension (mm) Φ620*1950
Packed Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 700*700*2130
Net Weight(kg) 102
Gross Weight(kg) 120
Noise(dB(A)) 46dBA

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