Freestanding Monoblock Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 12KW Air Source Under Cold Climate

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Brand Name: SUNRAIN
Certification: TUV
Model Number: BLN-010TB1
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Supply Ability: 5000 Unit/Units per Month

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R290 12KW Air Source Monoblock Heating And Cooling Heat Pump Under Cold Climate

Model: BLN-012TC1
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220~240/1/50
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W30/35℃) Heating Capacity kW 5.5~15.1
Power Input kW 1.08~3.9
Current Input A 4.5~17.0
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W47/55℃) Heating Capacity kW 5.0~13
Power Input kW 1.75~4.96
Current Input A 4.6~17.1
Nominal Cooling (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃) Cooling Capacity kW 3.65~10.2
Power Input kW 1.12~4.16
Current Input A 4.8~17.3
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃) / A+++
MAX. input power kW 5.50
MAX. input current A 24.50
Refrigerant / Weight / R290
Rated water flow m³/h 1.80
Fan quantity / 1
Fan motor type / DC inverter
Compressor / DC inverter
Circulating pump / Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class / IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distance dB(A) 44
Max outlet water temperature °C 75
Water piping connections / DN 25 (1")
Water Pressure drop(max) kPa 25
Operating temperature range (Heating mode) °C -30~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode) °C 16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H ) mm 1285×455×930
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H ) mm 1450×530×1050
UnPacked Weight kg 110
Packed Weight kg 125

What is Three in one function?

With integrated heating/cooling/domestic three functions in one heat pump, the R290 HP is able to deliver the right temperature with great power. Regardless of extreme cold/hot climates, users have more options to achieve the perfect results.




SUNRAIN has developed the R290 air-to-water heat pump - Three in one Series, which reduces carbon emissions to the environment and curbs global warming. This refrigerant contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and helps achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality by having many advantages such as low carbon emissions and high efficiency.


Full DC Inverter Technology
With the R290 Three in One Series, you get economical heating/cooling and hot water even in cold environments due to the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant and inverter technology.


High Efficiency A+++ Energy Level
Designed with cutting-edge heat pump technology and a modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability, and quietness, the R290 Three in one Series Air to Water Heat Pump is unique. In addition to utilizing R290 green gas and inverter EVI technology, the Three in one Series is also rated with an A+++ energy label. It is energy efficient and has a top rating of A+++, reducing energy bills for users greatly.


Stable Running at -30℃ Ambient Temperature
With regards to heating abilities, the lower the ambient temperature, the weaker the heating ability. Furthermore, low temperatures will affect the reliability of the machine and its operation. Thirdly, the heat pump's performance will depend on the operating width and safety range. With SUNRAIN's Inverter EVI technology, it's possible to operate at -30°C, maintain high COP, and maintain reliable stability.

Installation with R290 Three in one Series

Heating/cooling and domestic hot water can be provided by SUNRAIN monoblock heat pumps. In addition to floor heating loops, fan coil units can be used for space heating and cooling.

The domestic hot water tank is connected to the heat pump to supply hot water for the household.


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