80L Small Energy Efficient Hybrid Electric Water Heater

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We manufacture 80L Small energy efficient hybrid electric water heater with nice enamel tank R134a wall mounted installation 3 Years warranty. We focused on ourselves to manufacture All in one hot water heat pump many years, covering Europe, Asia market. We are expecting become your OEM heat pump supplier in China.

Sunrain 80L Small Energy Efficient Hybrid Electric Water Heater Mini Wall Mounted Design Nice Quality Enamel Tank And  Easy Use LCD With CE Standard R134a IPX4 Three Years Warranty OEM Prooduction.

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Introduction Of Mini Hybrid Electric Water Heater
Mini Household water heaters good quality and beautiful design, it is made of reliable 80L enamel tank, green R134a and world brand durable compressor, good performance, use friendly LCD let end user to operate. Simple wall mounted installation full use of the space. Offer 3 Years warranty new design in 2020. We devoted ourselves to manufacture All in one hot water heat pump many years, covering Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates Qatar, Bahrain, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. markets. We are expecting become your OEM Mini Household water heaters supplier in China.

The 80L Mini Hybrid Electric Water Heater is an efficient and energy-saving heat pump hot water systerm  that makes full use of low-grade thermal energy. Heat can be transferred spontaneously from a high-temperature object to a low-temperature object, but it cannot spontaneously proceed in the opposite direction. The working principle of a heat pump is a mechanical device that forces heat from a low-temperature object to a high-temperature object in a reverse cycle manner. It only consumes a small amount of reverse cycle net work to obtain a large amount of heat, which can effectively reduce the low-grade that is difficult to apply Utilize heat energy for energy saving purposes.


Mini Household Hybrid Electric Water Heater Data Sheet
Feature Of Mini Household Hybrid Electric Water Heater
Ecological And Economical Heating
1) The efficient and economical alternative to both fossil fuel boilers and heating systems
2) By making use of the renewable source in the air, it consumes much less energy without direct CO2 emission 

Multiple Function

The special design of air inlet and outlet makes the unit with the ability for various ways of connections. With different ways of installation, the home heat pump unit can work as only a heat pump but also a fresh air blower, a dehumidifier, or an energy recovery equipment.

Compact Design

Mini Household water heaters is specially designed for offering sanitary hot water for family use. Its extremely compact structure and elegant design are suitable for indoor installation. 

You can also find many solutions from us like: residential hot water heat pump, commercial heat pump water heater, electric heat pump water heater, air pump hot water heater, econergy heat pump water heater, geyse heat pump, hybrid heat pump electric water heater, hybrid hot water heater, combined heat pump and water heater.

Why Choose Sunrain

*Competitive Price 
Sunrain have large number orders every year, can get very good price from suppliers. On the other hand, Sunrain have branch company produce parts, it can lower more the cost.

*Strong R & D Capabilities
Sunrain have 50 experienced engineers for new products development and QC control, Five National heat pump laboratory.

*Advanced & Modern Production Facilities
The factory is over 100,000 square meters with production capacity of 1 million sets heat pumps per year, Seven production lines, Five National heat pump laboratory

*OEM&ODM Cooperation
Sunrain accept OEM&ODM production, we welcome the good partner from different country.Made local brand strong and grow together.

*Wide Products Line
comapny involves , heat pump water heater, heat pump dryers, swimming pool heat pump, EVI heat pump,  inverter pool heat pump,DC inverter heat pump, hot water heat pump, all in one heat pump, solar water heater, Etc. Which can meet the different demands from industrial, commercial and residential application. small heat pumps to commercial heat pump up to 300KW


What is the working principle of your products?

Our products by absorbing heat from the air to heat water. We know that the air temperature is high and low, that is,how much heat the air. This heat can be absorbed utilization. New energy refrigerant using a special kind of air at room temperature can be automatically vaporized, the vaporized refrigerant to absorb heat from the air and transfer the absorbed heat to the tank to heat the cold water tank.

The air heaters are generally mounted in there? 

The air heater can be installed in the balcony or the bathroom, and now there are many new houses have been able to consider the installation location of the air, villas, highrise housing can be installed, especially our square water tank can be installed in the living room and kitchen. Because it is not installed in the attic, maintenance is also more convenient.

Have to pay attention to what use it?

In general, when the compressor is subjected to high temperatures over many years will shorten its life, therefore, set the water temperature of 50 degrees in summer; winter cold, user requirements for higher water temperature, you can set the temperature 55 degrees. And we can peak electricity to avoid power peaks, saving electricity. Usually after 22:00 during Valley Electric use air to "time" heating water features, the price is cheaper.

What air-source heat pump water heater specifications? End user how to choose?

The air to water heater 100L, 160L, 200L, 260L, 320L, 500L and 3P engineering group, 5P, 10P, 24P different specifications to meet the water needs of different families, hotels, hostels, etc. can also be heated by a large water project to meet the demand for water. Hot water comfort requirements are relatively high, family members 7-12 or bathtub bathing, water points more villas, can be equipped with the 500L; 4-6 family members
who are not a lot of demand for hot water household Select 150L-260L's.

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