White 300L Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump 2.4kw R290 Heat Pump

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R290 All In One Heat Pump White 300L Heat Pump System

SUNRAIN air source heat pump can work for either heating or cooling purposes and can be used for space heating or water heating.

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R290 ECO All In One Heat Pump A++ 300L Air Source Heating System

Heating Performance 2.4kw
Tank Capacity(L) 300
Refrigerant R290
Net Weight (lbs.) 102

SUNRAIN air source heat pumps have are a form of low carbon heating, as they use the outside air to heat or cool your home. If you are switching from a coal- or electricity-based heating system, you can significantly reduce your carbon emissions.



Air source heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. Depending on the model, they can provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.



Model YT-300TA2
Power Supply 220~240V/1/50Hz
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 2.2
Refrigerant R290
Tapping Cycle XL
Energy Efficient Class A++
Energy Efficient ηwh(%) 168.7
**COP (EN16147) 3.81
Tank Capacity (L) 300
Air Flow(m3/h) 450
Air Discharge Vertical
Air Duct Diameter(mm) φ150
Back-up Heater(kW) 2
Default Water Temperature(℃) 55
Working Temperature Range (℃) -7-43
Unpacked Dimension (mm) Φ620*1950
Packed Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 700*700*2130
Net Weight(kg) 102
Gross Weight(kg) 120
Noise(dB(A)) 46dBA

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