Erp A+++ Monoblock Inverter Air To Water Heat Pump For Radiators WIFI

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SUNRAIN is one of the biggest air to water heat pump OEM factory in China.You can get TUV certified ERP A+++ 12kw 16kw 24kw Monoblock air source pump central heating from us.EVI technology work range minus 30 degree, WIFI control function can let you set heat pump by phone everywhere with Internet.R32 refrigerant, you also can called air to water heat pump for radiators, variable speed central air source heat pump,air to water heat pump air conditioning, air source hydronic heat pump,9kw/11kw/12kw/14kw/16kw/24kw/30kw. Welcome to contact us!

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Sunrain Inverter air to water heat pump, the Sunrain Self-developed Controller Series of Sunrain R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps are designed to bring comfort to people's life with hot water, heating and cooling. The features & functions equivalent to smart controller include ERP A+++ energy rating, low noise operation, R32 refrigerant, smart control and intelligent defrosting. Moreover, these cost-effective inverter heat pumps are highlighted with 5-inch colorful touch screen, -30°C EVI low ambient temperature operation and one click remote software update.  

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ERP A+++ R32 Monoblock Inverter air to water heat pump for radiators WIFI
1. Capacity: DC Inverter 6KW to 18kw four models.
2. Best Selling Market: Central, North & East Europe, North Europe
3.  Ambient Temp of Using: Minus 30C, highest 60C hot Water Output and cooling
4. Certification: ISO9001, CE, erP Energy Label, ROHS
5. Dual-rotor Compressor for EVI Dc Inverter variable speed air source heat pump
6. R32 refrigerant


Sunrain Monoblock Air Source Pump Central Heating Can Use For House Heating And Cooling, Also Hot Water Solution

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High Efficiency A+++ Energy Level
Targeting the European market, Sunrain Air to Water Heat Pump is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. Not only does HeroPremium series use R32 green gas and inverter EVI technology, but also be rated with A+++ energy label. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is currently most energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for customers.


DC Inverter EVI Technology
The EVI technology ensures the optimum performance of the unit when running at ambient temperature as low as -25℃, which helps to offer the users with comfortable house heating and stable hot water supply all year round.

38dB(A) Quiet Running
Thanks to the unique soundproof internal structure, the sound pressure of this type of Air to Water Heat Pump is kept to as low as 39dB(A) at 1 meter distance (Min. Flow).

R32 Refrigerant
R32 contributes greatly to the environment protection since R32 has a low GWP of 675 which is just 32% of R410A. In the same heat pump system, with lower liquid density, the charge amount of R32 is less than that of R410A, which brings in higher economic efficiency. The heat needed to evaporate R32 is greater than that of R410A so that the required mass flow rate per unit is smaller and the COP is higher. We not only take care of your family but also contribute to protecting the earth.


Stable Running At -25℃
Stable Running at -25℃ Ambient Temperature
Under low ambient Temperature, the performance of normal heat pumps will be limited. First, the heating ability, the lower the ambient temperature, the weaker the heating ability. Second, reliability, low temperature environment will affect the stability of the machine and operation reliability. Third, the operating width and safety range will affect the performance of the heat pump. Thanks to the unique Inverter EVI technology, HeroPremium can operate efficiently at -25°C, maintain high COP and reliable stability.

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SUNRAIN is a leading OEM heat pump manufacturer in China. Your ideal heat pump supplier.
ERP A+++ R32 EVI Ducted Air Source Hydronic Heat Pump.

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Why Choose Sunrain?

1. Sunrain(Stock code 603366) as China biggest supplier of solar water heater and heat pump system, is a high-tech company which specializing in researching, manufacturing and marketing of renewable products.
2. Sunrain offers three years good warranty term.
3. 80 experienced heat pump technician.
4. There are 7 production lines and 5 National laboratory.
5. Sunrain heat pump products has pass CE,CB,SGS,EN14511.

You can find different air source heat pump system from us: air to water underfloor heating system, heat pump for hydronic heating system, inverter heating system, air source central heating system, inverter hot water system, air pump heating system, electric hot water system, air source water heating sytem, hybrid small heat pump water heater system.

SUNRAIN is a leading OEM heat pump factory in China. Your best heat pump supplier.

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